Executive Leadership

Craig Knoblock, Ph.D.

Michael Keston Executive Director, Information Sciences Institute

Prior to serving as ISI's Michael Keston Executive Director, Knoblock was the director of ISI’s Artificial Intelligence division, one of the United States’ largest and most respected artificial intelligence (AI) laboratories, which spans the full range of AI expertise. In this appointment, Knoblock led a team of 31 highly regarded researchers working on leading-edge projects...MORE ›

Stephen P. Crago, Ph.D.

Associate Director, Information Sciences Institute | Director, Computational Systems and Technology

Stephen Crago, ISI's associate director, is responsible for managing projects and relationships with a select set of sponsors. He is also the director of ISI’s Computational Systems and Technology division, which seeks to solve complex science, engineering and defense problems through novel supercomputing and other approaches. Crago directs experts in cloud computing, multicore software, reconfigurable computing, wireless networks quantum computing...MORE ›

Yigal Arens, Ph.D.

Senior Director of Administrative Affairs, Information Sciences Institute

Yigal Arens, ISI’s senior director for administrative affairs, oversees administrative operations, working closely with division leaders to foster a culture of excellence in operational performance. In this role, Arens ensures research leaders, staff and administrative personnel are provided the most productive and rewarding working environment possible...MORE ›

Terry V. Benzel, MA

Director, Networking and Cybersecurity

As director of ISI’s Internet and Networked Systems division, Terry Benzel leads several major cybersecurity research initiatives, including cyber-education, cyber-experimentation ecosystems and tools, and strategic global partnering for cybersecurity experimentation of the future (CEF)...MORE ›

Elizabeth Boschee

Director, Boston Office

Elizabeth Boschee is the director of ISI’s Boston office and a research lead focusing on information extraction and language understanding technology. She has led numerous language understanding efforts with customers such as DARPA...MORE ›

Lifu Chang, Ph.D.

Director, The MOSIS Service

Lifu Chang envisions The MOSIS Service as the semiconductor manufacturing and yield enablement provider for advanced chip designs. He leads The MOSIS Service to achieve effective and successful design-to-yield cycles, between the broad semiconductor research and product communities and the best-in-class foundries...MORE ›

John N. Damoulakis, Ph.D.

Senior Director, Special Projects

John Damoulakis has more than 30 years’ experience in research concept definition, advanced technology development, technology transition to operations, and technology management. As ISI’s senior director for special projects, Damoulakis focuses on the development of new, large-scale research opportunities and lines of sponsorship in electronics and hardware security...MORE ›

Yolanda Gil, Ph.D.

Director for Major Strategic Initiatives in AI and Data Science | Director of Knowledge Technologies | Associate Division Director

Dr. Yolanda Gil is Director of Knowledge Technologies and Associate Division Director at the Information Sciences Institute of the University of Southern California, and Research Professor in Computer Science and in Spatial Sciences...MORE ›

Carl Kesselman, Ph.D.

Director, Informatics Systems Research

Carl Kesselman leads ISI's Informatics Systems Research division. Created to help transform the discovery processes, practice and delivery of healthcare worldwide, informatics spans grid computing, information security, service-oriented architectures, and imaging and medical informatics...MORE ›

Eileen Lu

Chief Information Officer and Director of Computing and Information Services

As Chief Information Officer of ISI, Eileen Lu provides the vision and leadership in information technology necessary to advance the Institute’s research mission and direction, including strategic planning, policy and process development, create reliable, responsive, innovative, and secure IT services and capabilities with next generation/forward-looking technologies and support models with strong ties to peers and colleagues in the ISI, USC, and broader communities...MORE ›

Pedro Szekely, Ph.D.

Director, Artificial Intelligence

Pedro Szekeley leads ISI’s Artificial Intelligence division. He is also a research director for ISI’s Data Science and Machine Learning group and a research associate professor....MORE ›

James Whalen, M. Phil.

Chief Financial Officer

James Whalen, ISI Associate Director, and Chief Financial Officer leads the Administrative Services division at ISI, an organization committed to providing world class support to the Institute's research community. Achieving this objective is the result of attracting, developing and retaining an excellent team of committed, skilled and knowledgeable individuals in the areas of pre- and post-award, accounting...MORE ›

John Wroclawski, M.S.E.E.

Senior Director, Strategic Initiatives

John Wroclawski, ISI’s senior director for strategic initiatives, works with leaders and researchers across the institute to create a diverse research portfolio and develop new, boundary-spanning initiatives to advance the Institute’s strategic vision. Prior to this appointment, he served for 12 years as the director of ISI’s Internet and Networked Systems initiatives, leading pioneering research in such areas as internet protocols and architecture...MORE ›